You are welcomed to join the black belt rank ceremony 1 dan up to 10 dan

and watch the shows on 16/7/2019 Tuesday at 19:00

Hadera High School Sports Hall (Rambam Street)

Krav Maga Association Ami Niv

Throughout the history of Krav Maga Ami Niv, many students were awarded black belts by Ami Niv. The first ones awarded black belts in 1994 achieved the status of Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of the Krav Maga and Eli Avikzar continued in his path.

It all began in a small gym in the city of Hadera, when Ami Niv opened his first gym in 1986. From this point on, generations of students earned black belts over the years, trained others and open Krav Maga Ami Niv schools in Israel and around the world, and they themselves trained students who also earned black belts.

Ami Niv himself earned the rank of Dan 10 and is considered an expert in Krav Maga for law enforcement and counter-terrorism. He continues in the paths and the expertise begun by Imi Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar.

During this coming July, Ami Niv will grant his students senior ranks from Black Belt Dan 1 and up to Dan 10. The ceremony will take place in the presence of senior martial arts professionals from Israel and around the world.